you have to do it

So, the Backpacks For Kids program is finally up and running, though not at full capacity. We are delivering about 40-50 backpacks of food each week to about 13 schools in the LRSD. The food in the bags will feed the kids for the weekend. We hope to be able to enroll all of the homeless kids who attend LR Schools in the program soon. Keep praying for that.

Here’s what I wanted to talk about though…

This week I found out that the schools are not in session Thursday and Friday. That means that the delivery of bags on those days would be… well… stupid and useless to put it on the lower shelf. So I got the final numbers from my friend at the LRSD office on Tuesday afternoon. That meant that I had to get all of the deliveries arranged in a very short period of time. Rather than panic, I did what I have learned to always do around here: put it out to our willing servants and let them make it happen. I emailed about 20 people who had shown interested in the BFK program and in about 15 minutes it was taken care of! People called, emailed and even came by the office to take care of this seemingly difficult task. I am proud to announce that all of the bags have been delivered and 51 kids will have something to eat this weekend.

I am constantly amazed at how God’s people rise to the occasion. All they need is the opportunity. As I encouraged one of the people who delivered bags today and commented on how cool it was to see people respond so quickly, her response was “Well, you have to do it.” No need to pray about it, think about it, worry about it.

“See a need, meet a need.”

It’s awesome to be in a place where people are eager to serve, where an email will make it happen, where needs will be met, and God will receive the glory. It’s an honor to serve with you.

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you have to do it

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