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The response has been great! After teaching in our weekend services a few weeks ago about Giving Outside the Box, I have had emails, phone calls, and even people just coming to me telling me about how they have given outside the box and how they have been blessed by it. It never ceases to amaze me how God rewards our faithfulness and our obedience. Jesus Himself said that it is more blessed to give than receive (Acts 20:35) and more and more people are finding that to be true.

But the question remains: Will this be just another seasonal thing or will there be a change in our lifestyle? The real test is going to be December 26 when all of the gifts are given and all of the food is eaten (or at least most of it, there will always be leftovers) and all of the relatives have gone home. Will we still be as giving?

Will we still look for opportunities to serve? We will still be obedient as God provides us opportunities to show His love in practical ways? What can we do to make sure that the answer to these questions is “yes”?

I think we must provide ourselves with constant reminders that will encourage us to keep a serving attitude. What would be a good reminder for you? Will it be the tag you put on your keychain that reminds you to Give Outside the Box? Will it be a change holder with extra quarters for the people at the vending machine? Will it be a few connection cards in your pocket, purse, or wallet that you hand to the people behind you in line as you pay for their lunch? Maybe each week as you take the garbage to the street, you are reminded to take your neighbor’s to the street, too. Or as you are washing your car, you go to that widow’s or single parent’s home and wash theirs, too. Maybe you just write the word “serve” across the top of your to do list or make it your screen saver. Only you know what will help you. But I encourage you to do whatever it takes because as we show God’s love, lives will ever changed.

I hope you have an awesome holiday season and that your life will be filled with serving. And as you serve, be sure to give God all the credit. If you think about it, take some time to let me know your story about how God blessed you as you obeyed. Maybe we can share them with the rest of the world so that others will receive inspiration and encouragement too.

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give outside the box

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