back in the saddle

The trip to California was awesome! The conference was fantastic and Disney was beyond words. Since I am still sorting through and processing the info from the conference, I will start with the family stuff.

I could not be more proud of my family. While I attending the conference, they went about doing things on their own. My wife was awesome. She successfully navigated LA traffic (no thanks to Map Quest) and made some incredible memories with the kids. She makes this family what it is. It couldn’t be done without her.

My oldest son was true to his character and was the ultimate servant. He helped my wife with all the traffic stuff and was a great big brother. He packed and unpacked the rental car, got the baggage ready for the planes and planned out our course in the theme parks. I commended him for dong things he didn’t want to do just to help make our family time the best it could be. He and I were able to have some good time together especially at the Oakley headquarters and at Laguna Beach.

The little monkeys, well what can I say. They soaked up Disney till they were about to burst. They were filled with excitement yet did not allow it to cause them to be selfish. My little Princess was in Heaven at American Girl Place and at the Princess Faire at Disney. The Monkey Fish (if you know him, you know what I mean) met every challenge that the rides at Universal and Disney threw at him. I really don’t think he is afraid of anything and has yet to meet a roller coaster he won’t ride, even if it does “go upside down.” By the way, the Princess rode the upside down roller coaster, too, and loved it.

Bottom line, God provided my family with a trip that we will always remember. Even when our flight was cancelled on the way home from Cincinnati, they handled it with grace. They all reminded me of an essential truth: treasure your family because it’s the only one you will ever have. Invest in it because it is God’s gift to you.

Protect it, honor it, cherish it and it will bring you more joy than all the world has to offer. You may even get to visit the “happiest place on Earth” together and make good memories.

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back in the saddle

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