Finding my Niche

As we talked a little more, I realized that she was going through the same thing I go through at times. We want to do what God wants us to do. We really would do whatever He told us to do. It just seems sometimes that we don’t get a real clear direction.

Many of us are ready and willing to serve in anyway we can. If we see a need, we are quick to jump on it. We are able to do a lot of things and do them well. We enjoy helping others and we find great joy in gathering others together to accomplish a task knowing that we are meeting the need of the persons being served as well as the needs of those who are serving. And that really is our mission statement. We mobilize people to meet the needs of others all the while knowing that those who are serving are getting their needs met too. In doing this, we, as leaders, get great fulfillment too.

So why is there this nagging sense of being directionless? Why do we still feel like we haven’t found our niche?

Could it be that we truly have found it but that it is just not as defined as the purpose others have? What if my niche, my purpose, is to organize and mobilize others, (young, old, families, singles, etc.) to meet the real needs of others (poor, rich, successful, homeless, believers, not yet believers, etc.) and in doing so provide an opportunity for those who are serving to be fulfilled as well as those who are being served? Can I be content in that? Can that really be God’s purpose for me? Could it really be that “undefined?”

I think if we really stop and think about it, we will see that the definition is there and it seems to be the same purpose of someone else we know, love, and have put our faith in. So live in it today.

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  1. Mathew Daniel

    I think God is so interested in every detail, but I also think he gives us plenty of space to be creative, to grow and develop in a manner that best fits with who we are. But I have to admit, sometimes life would be so much easier if he’d just tell us what to do at every turn – if he’d just define our purpose and have it make sense to us – but he doesn’t, and alas, we learn it through trial and error sometimes.

    Looking forward to more posts!



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Finding my Niche

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