It’s Hot!

The temperature hit a whopping 106 yesterday here in the Rock. You know it’s hot when you’re driving the Jeep with only the bikini top on and the 60mph wind does not cool you off at all. Not only that, but the air is hot when you breathe it too. It really stinks.

But we knew it was coming. July was cooler and wetter than ever so August is making up for it.

But it’s late August now and Fall will be here before we know it. Changes they are a-comin’ so get ready.

What changes do you need to make? What kinds of things in your life stink right now? What is it that is making your life really uncomfortable? What are you tired of dealing with and ready for it to change?

A few suggestions:

1. Change what you can, learn from what you can’t.
2. Accept difficulty as a good part of life (see James 1 and 1 Peter 1).
3. When things get tough and routine, serve someone.
4. Remember my Mom’s favorite phrase in the Bible, “It came to pass…”

Don’t worry. We have a major change coming this weekend. Get out your jacket it’s going to be 93!

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  1. Jen

    I like that, “It came to pass … ” Funny and wise.


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It’s Hot!

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