It’s Gonna be a Wild Ride!

As I prepare to leave the place I have called home for more than 10 years, I am struck with many emotions. I am sad because of the friendships, memories, and ministry that I am leaving behind. But I am so very excited about the potential I see in front of me.

When I came to Rock Creek as a member and volunteer, we were in the first warehouse and the youth group was minimal. While two Student Pastors came and went, I was afforded the opportunity to serve with them and in the interim between them When I was brought on full time it was a dream come true. I had always said the only way I would go back on staff at a church was if it was a church like Rock Creek. Little did I know that it would be Rock Creek. (seems like I read somewhere about getting the “desires of your heart.”) It has been amazing to see God do so much so fast. I count it a real honor and privilege to have been a part of it. I am grateful to Mark for giving me the chance. I am grateful to all of the staff for their support and friendship over the years. I am grateful to the many volunteers at Rock Creek for their encouragement and their faithful service. And to the members for making my “job” so much fun, fulfilling, and “interesting.”

It’s tough to leave a place where all three of my children were baptized but God leads on. There is something else for me. Something greater than I can imagine. Something that God planned before the foundation of the earth. Something that He will allow me to be a part of but will ultimately be for His glory.

So hang on. Here we go!


  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    I’m hangin’ with you Doug — would like to be the first to volunteer to be your personal prayer warrior.
    Just send me a list and I will commence to begin to pray.
    God will bless you, I will miss you but will always be grateful for the opportunity to watch you grow.
    Love to all,

  3. Sue Null

    Doug: I am so awed at your passion and your willingness to take this big step. Allen and I will come visit you to make sure you are living up to your full potential!

    PS – Had any more eggrolls lately?

  4. Anonymous

    You surely will be missed by so many. As you know, you have played a HUGE role in helping me be an “outward” Christian instead of being afraid to talk of my love and passion for serving Christ. I will sincerely be forever grateful for aLL you have done for me. I am sure my prayers will be answered and God will reward you beyond your wildest dreams for being his faithful servant.

    Tim Metcalf [email protected]

  5. Anonymous


    How exciting this is for you and your family! I know God will use you to touch so many walks of life! The short time I have known you, you have absolutely approach everyone on the same level: Jesus loves you, and so do I. Yes, a part of me is sad to see you go, but then I know there is a world out there that you need to share Jesus with! Go and know you will have me earnestly praying for you! Thanks for being my friend. And showing the love of Jesus to me so many times!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Teresa Crawford


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It’s Gonna be a Wild Ride!

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