Making Jesus Proud Pt. 1

*NOTE: The next few posts are follow ups to the message I taught at Midtowne Church’s first service on October 21, 2007. We talked about four things that a church must do in order to Make God Proud.

A Firm Faith Luke 7:1-11

Wow! That Roman soldier really got it. When you understand who Jesus really is and what He can do, you have no trouble putting your trust or confidence in Him. He recognized Jesus as having all authority because of the authority that he had as a soldier. When you have confidence in your leader, you will not question his orders.

So how do we live that out?

This week, realize who Jesus is. If you have truly received Him as your personal Savior and LORD (that’s the key, it means boss or leader), then you have all the faith you need. If He is God enough to give you eternal life, He is God enough to handle the stuff you face day to day (see Colossians 2:6-7).

As you face decisions, problems, or difficulties, let Jesus take them from you. How? By telling Him that He can. The soldier said “You have all authority. If you just say the word…”. Do you believe that? Tell Jesus to handle it for you. If you confess His authority in your life, He will act according to His character.

Don’t worry. Worry means you are playing God. It means you don’t trust Him to handle it. Leave it in His hands and forget it. By daily reading His Word and daily giving things to Him through your prayer times, you will see Him work. As you see Him work, you will be encouraged and your faith will become stronger.

Ask Him to help your faith grow. He will. Usually by giving you things you can’t handle to see if you will give them to Him.

Make Jesus Proud of You Today

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Making Jesus Proud Pt. 1

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