Making Jesus Proud Pt. 2

Firm Faith Luke 7:18-28 John the Baptist

John was the picture of humility. He had every opportunity to take credit for the awesome things God was doing through him yet he knew that the glory must go to God and for that reason Jesus pointed him out.

So how can we demonstrate a humble heart and make Jesus proud of us?

Always check your heart motive for the things you do. Are you doing things, even good things, to be noticed? Are you serving others so that you can get another notch in your belt? Do you desire to get attention for your self? We all want to be recognized for a job well done but when it comes to serving God, He alone gets the credit and gives the credit. If you are expecting others to give it to you, you had better check your heart.

Be careful how you speak to others about your serving. Do you find yourself using the word “I” a lot? Are you often telling stories about yourself in an undeclared game of “Top This”? Do your friends and family get time to speak or have they become really great listeners? Nothing wrong with bragging on God but make sure that your words always point to Him.

*SPECIAL NOTE: Please don’t feign humility with this saintly refrain: “It’s all God, all God.” A simple “Thank you” or “It was cool to see God do that” will suffice.

One more thing, a humble heart is best presented by actions and not words at all. Notice that John was not even present for this commendation that Jesus gave him. John didn’t need to be there. Jesus and the people there already knew about him and his humility. Remember, in John 1:27 John the Baptist declared himself unworthy to even untie Jesus’ sandals. People knew about John. His reputation was known because of the life he lived: A life of humility.

Serve your family, friends and co-workers this week but don’t expect any credit for it and if you do get some, smile and say, “Thank you” then in your heart give the glory to God.

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Making Jesus Proud Pt. 2

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