All I want for Christmas…

I have enjoyed listening to my kids tell us what they want for Christmas this year. The younger ones have gotten to the age where everything they want is expensive. Where are the days of enjoying anything as long as it is wrapped and under the tree? All three of the kids have very specific gift requests. There will be no surprises this year (kids if you’re reading this, please act surprised Christmas morning).

I have already received my gift for the year. It is not something that I asked for. It is not something that I expected. It is not something that I even thought about or even believed could be. What is it?

It is an answer to a prayer, although not the answer I expected. It is the fulfillment of a desire, although not in the way I expected. It is the beginning of an adventure, although not one I expected.

“God show me what You want. Use me to my fullest potential according to the gifts You have given me. Lead me in the direction You want me to go and I will follow with all I am even if no one goes with me.”

He has made it clear. I am more fulfilled than I could have ever imagined. I am going in a direction that is full of thrills and adventure. And there are even others coming with me.

All I want for Christmas? I already have it. I just want it to continue. To grow. To spread. To become. To exalt. To be. For Him.

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  1. lmontgom

    You are the best. Little Rock is so lucky to have you. They have yet to see what you are capable of. I wish you and Nancy and the kids the very best this Chrismas season. Wish we were there to help you in your service for God!

    Love you guys,



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All I want for Christmas…

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