We Have Lift Off

It was 9:52 am. I know because I looked at the clock on my phone and asked our worship leader, Kenny, what time it was. I wanted to know because there were only about 30 people sitting in the Worship Center. I asked, “Where is everybody?” He asked if I had been in the Coffee Shop so I headed that way.

When I got there, it was packed! I made my way to the doorway and looked down the hall and there was a never ending river of people coming in! I scrambled back to the Worship Center where I was asked, “Should we put out more chairs?” because by that time all the people in the Coffee Shop had moved in to the Worship Center. I said, “Not yet.” and kept moving to my seat on the front row. When I got to my seat, the band was halfway through the first song and I looked to the back of the room and saw tons of people standing. Needless to say, our volunteers were putting out more chairs.

By the time it was all said and done, there were no more chairs to be found and there were plenty of people still standing. The band was great. The technical stuff worked perfectly. I even did pretty good with the message.

I confessed that morning that I feared the worst even though I prayed for the best. For some reason in the back of my mind I thought that maybe no one would show and at 9:52 I feared I was right.

It was 11:37 am. A few of the Launch Team members and I were sitting in the Worship Center in awe of what had just happened. We asked God to overwhelm us and He did.

We have launched.

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  1. Becca

    I’m so happy for you Doug!!! Never forget that 9:52 moment 🙂 It will speak volumns throughout your journey.


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We Have Lift Off

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