What a Splash!

I really wasn’t even sure he would fit. I mean, his shoulders are probably 50 inches wide. He is a huge guy! I wasn’t so concerned about his height. I knew we could move him way forward and take care of that. But the shoulders…not too sure.

He climbed in the portable baptistery and I introduced him to the huge crowd that had gathered for our third service. I noticed that the room was full again and the “extra” chairs had been brought in. I briefly described baptism and began to send him down when it happened. Oh he fit just fine. But he threw himself back with such velocity that the largest wave I have ever seen in a baptistery was created! The water hit the back of the tub so hard that it curled back up and splashed me in the face. It poured out of the tub and hit the wall of the building some 10 feet away! What fun!

Just our third service and another baptism. For those who are counting, that makes 5 plus the one from our first preview service.

I am once again amazed by what God is doing. He keeps sending people our way and we keep sharing His love with them. They respond and commit. And now we have the awesome responsibility of growing them in their relationship with God. I knew it would take time and a lot of hard work. No problem there. I guess I just wasn’t expecting the need for space so quickly. For get putting signs on classroom doors. We keep moving them each week.

What a great problem. What great fun. What a great splash.

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  1. Kimberly

    TSUNAMI!!! It was quite the scene, and when the crowd went “AHHHHH” as the wave flowed out of the baptistry, I knew a moment had been created. A moment that I will hold with me for as long as I live. I am so greatful for Midtowne, it has been the answer to our prayers. We church hopped for quite a while, and couldn’t seem to find what we were looking for. Midtowne; the people, the love, the message…this is IT!
    I now pray that we will continue to show others just how magnificent, and how Great God truly is.


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What a Splash!

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