Respond or React

You better be careful what you teach or you just might find yourself being tested.

At the end of another incredible worship service yesterday (another huge crowd, 2 baptisms, 5 people asking Jesus into their heart), I got news of a couple of things. One person backed into another car in the parking lot. Another person got bad news about their job and some health issues. React or Respond?

See that was one of the points in my message yesterday. When things get wacky, how does your faith play out in your life? Do you react and freak out or do you respond with confidence (faith)?

So I’m driving along this morning and my Jeep starts making a weird noise and smoking. Respond or React Doug? I have to confess that I did get impatient with my wife when I called her then I just started asking God to help me find the part I needed to fix it. Several phone calls, a trip to the other side of the county, $45, five hours later, the Jeep is great.

So What? If you can’t practice what you preach, don’t. If you want to really experience God’s best, hang on. It is not always going to be smooth sailing. And one more thing, the stuff you learn in the Bible really can help you in real life.

BTW…you can listen to the enitre message on our web site,

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    Hey, Doug, I have been so impressed to write to you this week and have just let so many things get in the way. I want you to know that Terry and I are enjoying Midtowne very much. We are very anxious to get involved and in fact, the strong impression I have felt this week is to let you know that I would love to help move things along in getting small groups started. I will be out of town this next week from Sunday – Wednesday (though I will be at church before I go), but if there is any way I can help with the small groups, including starting one in our home, please let me know. Thank you, Liz Bray


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Respond or React

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