Getting Over It

What else could go wrong? I was not real happy. Things just were not going very smoothly. Even though the crowd was there, two were baptized, music was great…I was still distracted. To top it off, my microphone was messing up.

“There must be a lot of people here who need to hear this message.” That’s what my wife said during one of the songs before I went on to deliver the message God had given me for yesterday. She said that because she knew all of the things that were going on that had me so distracted. So I did the only things I knew to do. I prayed.

Not only did I pray, but I invited others to join me in the “alter” to pray too. And many did.

Message delivered. Service over.

Now we begin to see the fruit of our labor. I have not been able to keep up with how many people have told me how this series has impacted their life and their family. You would not believe some of the stories that I have already heard of how God is working in lives. And it is all because we are faithful to the mission God has given us. We will stay the course. We will continue to invite and welcome people. We will continue to clearly and creatively deliver the message: God has a Best for you. Come let us help you find it and experience it.

Keep up the faithful service Midtowne. God is honoring it.

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  1. Darren C

    I understand the distraction. Running the camera and working out the audio issues kept me and the sound crew occupied for a little while. New toys are always fun… Anyway, I was able to get to the point where I could listen. You did a great job. There was one point that stuck home and that was enought for me. Keep moving forward…

    Darren C


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Getting Over It

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