Easter with Hefner

I have had a few comments about using the quote from Hugh Hefner in my message Sunday. None of them negative by the way. All of them positive and most of them expressing concern for Mr. Hefner’s situation. (BTW…to hear the quote and message you can go to the Midtowne Church web site.)

When it all boils down you have to come back to Easter. It is not enough that Jesus was born of a virgin or even that He died on the cross for our sin. The key is the resurrection. Without that, we are wasting our time.

The first Easter at Midtowne was amazing. All of the work on the building was complete (Kenny and I took a much needed day off yesterday and even took our wives out for dinner last night). The music was fantastic. The crowds at both services were great. And the teaching was not bad either, thanks to Mr. Hefner.

So now what? Easter is not the end, as we discovered Sunday. It is the beginning. It is now time for us to do what God put us here to do: go and show His love to everyone. Or as Hugh Hefner said, get in on “all kinds of things that we all hope are true.” We know they are true. Now we share them with others.

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Easter with Hefner

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