Investment Strategy

What an investment. What dividends. What excitement.

This week we had the opportunity to sign up for an investment opportunity. There were many different opportunities to invest in, each with their own risk and rewards. The cool part is, tons of people took the risk and made the investment.

One of the values we hold on to is serving. We believe that every one should serve and can find an opportunity to serve. If that is what we believe then we should be making those opportunities available. It’s not enough to just talk about serving, we have to do it. So this weekend we put our faith into action.

It’s amazing to see and feel the excitement that so many people have now that they have committed to these investment opportunities. I have to believe that the dividends are going to come in quickly and fully. We are going to see God do things that we can not even imagine. We are going to see lives changed. We are going to see families changed. We are going to see communities changed. We are going to be changed ourselves.

Look out. We are investing in lives and eternity.

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Investment Strategy

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