Check out this video.

I think dominoes falling like that is one of the coolest things ever. I have never had the patience to make a very long line of dominoes but I love watching them fall like that.

Change leads to change. When we invest in others and people see the change in us they are attracted to the change. They begin to change and often times invest in others also who begin to change and are noticed by others who are attracted to the change and then begin to change…you get the picture. Dominoes.

I had a discussion yesterday with someone about this very subject. He began telling me about the people in his work place and the changes that he is seeing in them as he has tried to invest in them. Most have responded in a way that he hoped for and even expected. Some have not. One in particular has not fully accepted the gift but is still very interested and still comes to this person with her problems. Even though she knows where he will get his advice, she still comes to him. Even though she is not ready to accept it, she is drawn to the wisdom, peace, grace, and acceptance he has found in Christ. It is attractive.

If you ever line up a few dominoes and then cause them to fall, you will do it again. You will probably spend quite a bit of time on it. It tends to be somewhat addictive. So it is with investing yourself and keeping the change.

BTW…someone has to start the dominoes falling. Let the change begin.

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