Can We Play Soccer?

“Mom says you’re too tired but I wanted to ask you anyway.”

That was what my youngest said to me yesterday. Funny how when you start talking about family and parenting that things like this happen.

Mom was right. I was tired. I had spent most of the day working on the yard. It’s also funny (strange not ha-ha) how the lawn mower breaks every time I get ready to use it. Yesterday it broke twice. I replaced a pulley on the mowing deck before I could even use it and about halfway through the back yard the linkage broke on part of the steering. After about 30 minutes of working and searching for something that would work, a bolt and locking nut took care of it. Then I had to finish the mowing.

Too tired for soccer and fortunately it was getting dark, I sat down and ate dinner. Yes, without my family. They got tired of waiting on me and ate without me. Yes I know I talked about the importance of eating together as a family in the message Sunday. Yes we had every intention of doing that. No, eating by myself was not the plan. No I did not enjoy it. No I did not like telling him no.

Life is busy. Things come up. Stuff will happen. But don’t panic. Don’t give up the fight for your family. Don’t abort the plan. Stick with it. I am thankful for an understanding kid.

Only one family. Don’t waste it.

We intend to eat together tonight. And we will play soccer, if it doesn’t rain…

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  1. Janna

    Great sermon on Sunday, Doug! Thanks for doing this series.


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Can We Play Soccer?

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