I OD’d last night. The Bible says that “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” (Proverbs 17:22 NLT). That being the case, I had a HUGE dose of medicine last night as I watched and listened to Bob Smiley perform here at Midtowne Church.

Bob was a hoot. We had a blast. One person told me they didn’t know whether to watch me laugh at Bob or watch Bob. I had tears coming out of my eyes and the corners of my eyes were raw from wiping the tears away. Not only was he incredibly funny, he was a great entertainer. He moved all over the stage, interacted with the crowd, and even tried to convince us that he did not have ADD. His comedy was great, clean, relevant, and, most importantly, it had a purpose.

Bob is not just a funny guy, he also is a follower of Christ. He loves God in a big way. Not only is he funny and a follower of Christ, he loves his family. His wife and kids are very important in his life and he is not shy about revealing that to everyone.

So we have an amazingly funny, Christian, husband and father who is ready to crack a joke at any time and ready to let you know that God loves you very much and wants to use you to accomplish His purpose on this planet not matter how insignificant you may feel.

Yep, I overdosed on laughter in church of all places. And it was pretty stinkin’ awesome.

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