Going For Gold

Four more days. Only four more days until the 2008 Olympics begin. I can’t wait! I love the Olympics. Especially the Summer Olympics because of the track and field competition.

We kicked off a new series yesterday called Going For Gold. I believe the Bible teaches that we can all be winners in the race of life. It won’t be easy and there will be obstacles but we can all win. As I was preparing for this series I was struck by an interesting thought. Not every believes that. There are tons of people who believe that they are losers and will always be losers. Many people believe that since they have so much junk in their past they will never be able to be a winner in the race of life. Some people believe that they are not “good” enough to win. Some think they don’t deserve to win. Some are just so tired of trying and failing that they will not put themselves through that pain of trying again.

That’s too be because life goes on. No matter what has happened or even will happen, life goes on. One day, those of us who have a relationships with God through Jesus will be set free from the junk of this world but until then, life goes on. So why not get in on the best we can.

As we work through the truth of God’s Word over the next few weeks, I am excited about what He is going to reveal to us about getting in on the best He has for us. He has proclaimed us winners, not whiners. He has provided all we need to win the gold. All we have to do is grab it and go.

So don’t settle for silver. You are better than bronze. Go for the Gold.

Run to Win!

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Going For Gold

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