Let The Medal Count Begin

China – 14. USA – 12. Korea – 8

What a blast. The Olympics are in full swing and the records are falling and the medals are being awarded! I am loving this.

Not only is China leading in the overall count but also in the Gold Medal count. They are jamming. Call it “home country advantage” if you want but the fact is China is winning.

This week we talked about the importance of training in order to win. We looked at some things that will help us get in SHAPE in order to put ourselves in position to succeed. Training is essential to winning and that’s a fact.

One thing that will help you as you try to get in SHAPE is to put a goal out there. Put something out there to remind you of what you are trying to accomplish. Something that you see everyday to help you focus and recall your goal. Some kind of tangible motivation for your training. It will make all the difference in the world. It will help hold you accountable. It will keep you on track and help you win.

Get in SHAPE and Run to Win.

BTW…a guy from India won the gold medal in 10m Air Rifle! He’s in the photo above.


  1. jill

    you think air rifle is the same as air guitar? b/c if so i could sooo rock that. hahaha

  2. Doug

    Now that’s funny. Maybe you should start a drive to put Guitar Hero in the Olympics.


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Let The Medal Count Begin

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