I’m So Sick

What started as a really bad burning throat turned in to a whole night of “God just take me now!”

I have been so sick the past two days. I am finally feeling a ton better but not totally well yet. I have always thought that a day of lying in bed would be great, however it is not that great when you can’t breathe, your head feels like it is going to burst, your body aches, and you go from freezing to sweating every 45 seconds. Ah the joy of it all.

So now I have missed a full two days of work (yes, preachers do work during the week, not just the few hours you see us on Sunday). It’s serious catch up time. I have to figure out how to cram a full week’s work into three days. I know everything that needs to be done will be done and I appreciate the offers of help from many of you. Just keep praying and ask God to bless my time and productivity. I’m going to need it!

Guess I’ll cancel my Friday morning tee time too.


  1. O4

    Man I’ve had this sore throat thing over week now, it really stinks.

  2. Anonymous

    I hope you are starting to feel better! Kamron would say you need some hot tea.-Micca

  3. Anonymous

    Doug: Join the Im sick of felling sick club! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  4. Doug

    Hot Tea sounds good! Maybe it should be the official drink of the “I’m Sick of Being Sick Club”.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for taking time to listen when you have so much else to do…you gotta know you are in the right place doing HIS work….I really like your active listening…God speaks through you!

  6. doug

    Thanks Anonymous. I appreciate the encouragement.


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I’m So Sick

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