Morning Coffee

Nothing has impacted my spiritual life more than my own personal Time Alone With God. My Youth Pastor taught me a simple way to spend time with God each day when I was a Senior in High School. And last night I had the privilege of teaching 45 people at Midtowne Church how to spend quality Time Alone With God every day. It was awesome!

This morning I received several emails from people in the class who started their day by having a ‘cup of coffee with God.” Each of the emails expressed how excited they were and how their day had gone so much better. They expressed a different attitude and outlook on their work, friends, and family. The excitement jumped off of my computer screen as I read the words of ordinary people who had spent a short amount of time with the extraordinary, and only, God of the Universe.

So What? Maybe you should try starting your day with God. I’m not talking about a huge amount of time. Just a few minutes talking to Him, listening to Him, and reading a little from His Word. It’s not All You Can Eat Pancakes at IHOP. It’s a cup of coffee to get your day started right. Try it for two weeks and see if your outlook on life does not change. You might find that life doesn’t stink so bad. It can be Stinkin’ Awesome!


  1. Jennifer G

    I was there last night yawning during the study. Yes, I had just awakened from a 4 hour coma nap but I woke just in time to make it there!

    My favorite thing is how the God of the universe chose to speak to each of us differently with the same passage of scripture. I’m excited to see how God is going to impact us all!

  2. Miz Carla

    How about adding the TAWG information to the Midtowne website? I already hang out with God in my own way, and am not too likely to completely change what I already do, but I am interested in what you said. And I’m interested in how other people spend time with God. How about it?


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Morning Coffee

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