The Big Mo

In his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell describes the “Law of the Big Mo.” He describes how it is important to not only create momentum in a group or organization, but also keep it going in order to maximize its impact.

We are seeing the beginning of a huge wave of momentum right now. The excitement of starting a second Sunday morning service is welling up. The huge crowd this past week and the incredible response to the challenge to grow spiritually only increased the great swell that is coming. I have the sense that a major spiritual wave is about to break on us and I am getting ready.

Or staff has been working hard the past few weeks getting things in place for the big change. Our volunteers have stepped up in a big way. More and more people are committing to serve. And in the midst of it all, people are committing to Christ.

Yep, we will see at least two people baptized this coming Sunday (as I write this on Tuesday there is still follow up going on with others who have asked Jesus into their heart)! That’s what is so exciting about it all. It’s not about adding another service or seeing more bodies in a room. It’s all about more and more people responding to God’s love. That has always been the focus of Midtowne and it will always be.

So what? You and I have a choice when the Big Mo comes along. We can watch it or ride it. If we stand still it will pass us by and we will miss out on something amazing. If we choose to ride it, we will not only experience the thrill of all that God is doing, but we can help perpetuate it and see how far it goes.

I’m in. Are you?

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The Big Mo

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