“You know what I like about church? When I walk down the hall people say good morning to me and call me by my name.”

That’s what my 9 year old said yesterday. I was really hoping he would say he loved the inspiring and educational messages from the preacher but…

We all like to feel like we are a part of something. We all like to be known. We all want to be recognized and missed. That’s why we try to make sure that we speak to people and introduce ourselves to people on Sunday morning. I met three new families yesterday. One of them has been coming for a couple of weeks but I had not met them so I introduced myself. It’s a bit awkward sometimes because I feel like I should already know people, especially if they have attended our church before. But I don’t meet everyone and I forget names too. So I just apologize and introduce myself. Most people are very understanding. No one has acted very offended so far. But I want to do better at calling people by name when I see them.

So What? If a nine year old feels that great about being called by name, I think everyone will feel the same way. Work hard this week at calling people by name. It lets them know that you care enough to know their name, recognize them as a person, and it will make them feel loved and needed.

I guess it’s OK that he likes that more than what he likes what the preacher says. I’ll get over it.


  1. Tony

    Yeah, its like a big family. Its nice “where everybody knows your name”.

  2. Anonymous

    For a many of years I called my mom by her first name, Mary. Then one day something happened and it’s like we rebounded again. The first time my kids heard me call her “MOM” they were floored and so was she and I! So being called by your name whether it’s your given name or your “family” name does always make people feel special! Chandler has more insite than alot of people do. I love to listen to all the “kid” versions of how they see and understand life. Toby


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