Hitting the Towne

A few of the many comments from our first Saturday of Hitting the Towne, a day of showing God’s love in practical ways. We had crews washing windshields at gas stations, handing out water at Wal-Mart, helping people with their packages and buggies in parking lots, and a team who visited Nursing Home.

“I made a new friend. We told each other ‘I love you'”, a boy who visited a Nursing Home referring to the man he met there.

“I actually prayed with her!” – A guy who was washing windshields at a gas station referring to a lady he met who was having a tough day.

“Will you pray with us too?” – A family in a car at a gas station who witnessed our crew washing the windshield of the car in front of them and praying with the occupants of that car. Both of these families were on their way to hospitals in Little Rock to visit with sick family members.

“What’s the catch?” – the frequenly asked question to those who gave away water. The correct answer? “We’re just showing God’s love today. Have a bottle of water.”

“When can we go back?” – asked by the children of a family who visited the Nursing Home.

“It was cool! I got a hug!” – a fourth grade boy referring to his buggy helping experience.

So What? Showing God’s love by serving others is not an event but a lifestyle. My prayer is that we all develop the habit of serving others everyday, no strings attached, just showing God’s love.

Want to have some fun and show God’s love at the same time? Join us each month for Hitting the Towne. The next one is Saturday, February 14. We meet at the building at 10 and we are done at noon. Emailme for more info.

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Hitting the Towne

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