The Sky Is Falling

Winter Precipitation.

Just hearing those words makes you want to go out and buy bread and milk doesn’t it? I am just amazed at how we respond to the very mention of anything like snow or ice. If you were brave enough to go to the store yesterday you know exactly what I am talking about. The shelves were empty. You would think that the world was about to end or everyone was going to be stranded for days with no food.

I know there is always the chance that the weather man will be wrong and the storm will be worse than predicted (what, a weather man wrong? Never!), but really, we typically don’t get stranded by ice or snow around here. We probably won’t need to stockpile food and supplies to ride out the winter storm. But for some reason we tend to respond like that when we hear about the possibility of a winter storm.

It’s funny to me that we don’t respond like that to the storms of everyday life. We know that we will have junk happen in our life. We may lose a loved one, lose our job, get really sick, or any number of things could happen that will leave us feeling “stranded” by the storms of life. Yet we fail to prepare for them. Mention snow, go to the store. Be fully aware of the storms of life, go on like nothing is happening.

So What? God does not want us to be unprepared for the storms of life. By checking in with Him daily we can prepare ourselves for whatever comes along during the day. I want to encourage you to start every day by talking to God and listening to Him with your heart. Spend a few minutes every day reading the Bible and looking for one thing that you can use to help you face the storms of life.

Consider this a “Life Weather Advisory.” Storms are coming. Get ready now.

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  1. j wright

    Great post!
    I’d never thought about it that way.


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The Sky Is Falling

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