Super Finish

How bout them Steelers!

The Steelers pulled it off in dramatic fashion. Big Ben (the Pittsburgh quarterback) was amazing in that final drive as he avoided the rush and what appeared to be certain tackles. His incredibly strong arm and accuracy were just what his team needed to get the win.

And what about Santonio Holmes? Talk about strong hands. And what kid has not pretended to make that play while playing in the back yard? We let our imigination take us to the big game. Time running out. A throw to the sideline. Make the catch and keep both feet in bounds to win the championship. Nothing short of outstanding!

So What? You have the opportunity today to make an amazing play. You have the opportunity to show God’s love in a way that only you can. Sure, you won’t get a fancy ring or a championsip hat or shirt for it. But you will receive honor from God for making the play. So be creative. Look for an opportunity and take advantage of it. Because the fact is, the game is almost over. Time is running out. When the ball gets thrown your way, will you make the catch? Show God’s love to someone today. You’ll be a champion on God’s team.

BTWThough I am a Steelers fan, I am also a Kurt Warner fan, the quarterback for Arizona. I know this will upset some of you Steelers fans, but I really would have loved to see Warner take his team down the field with 30 seconds left and score the winning touchdown. He is not only a fantastic football player, but also a great guy and an outspoken follower of Christ. I am glad he had a good game and hope nothing but the best for him and his family.

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Super Finish

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