Sick as a Dog, But Lovin’ Anyway

Funny phrase. Not sure where it came from nor am I real sure just how sick dogs get. In fact, I have seen dogs throw up, sniff it, ingest it, then just move on. But I digress…

I spent Saturday in bed. All day. Except when I was “running” to the bathroom. I went from freezing to sweating. From thinking I was going to spew to thinking I was feeling better. From sound asleep to wide awake. From pretty comfortable to hurting all over. I have always thought it would be awesome to spend a whole day in bed, just not sick in bed.

I struggled through yesterday as we kicked off our new series, “The Power of Love.” What an amazing day. We had the biggest crowd we have ever had and the response to the message has been incredible. I am so excited about what I believe God is going to do in and through us as we seek to show His love to others. Learning to be the kind of lovers He wants us to be is going to radically change our lives as individuals and as a church and community.

Love is so much more than some emotion that we celebrate on Valentine’s Day. It is so much more than a goofy feeling we get. It is so much more than a relationship with another person. Love is all of that plus the God powered ability to share His love with others. It is not something we just say. It is something we actually do.

So What? I want to invite you to join me on this journey of love. A journey that I believe is going to not only improve our walk with God, but will impact our relationships in such a way that we will not be able to live the way we have always lived. Everything about our life will change for the better and as a result we will experience love the way God meant it to be: Full, Fun, and Powerful.

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Sick as a Dog, But Lovin’ Anyway

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