Well He did it. He showed up and a BIG way and made Himself the center of attention. Don’t know why I am so surprised. Don’t know why I didn’t expect it. After all, that’s just what He does.

Our Easter celebrations were amazing. We had the largest crowd we have ever had in the short history of our church and, most importantly, we saw 5 people give their life to Jesus! When we present a risen, living, loving Savior in the power of His Holy Spirit and leave the results to the Father, well let’s just say He does His thing.

And that’s what happened yesterday.

I am so proud of all the people who worked so hard last week to prepare for Easter. It is a joy and an honor to serve with you.

As many of you know, last week was crazy. The devil did his best to distract and frustrate us but we did not give in or give up. We have the power of the resurrection available to us and we used it to overcome all the junk that was thrown at us. God is so stinkin awesome!

So What? Let’s make this more than just an Easter event. Our new series, NEXT: Life After Easter, is going to help us do that. Invite someone to come with you. Get ready to live in the power of the resurrection. It’s going to be awesome.

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  1. Jennifer Gulledge

    I like this!


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