Remember That Time…

What an amazing response I have had to yesterday’s service. There was such a cool spirit in the building in both services. Things went so very smoothly. The music was awesome. The teaching was pretty good too. But the highlight of the service was Communion.

I loved the song Kenny and the band did. It was a very appropriate backdrop for what we were doing. What an amazing way to remember what God did for us through the sacrifice of His Son. There truly has never been a greater love.

I spoke with several people as they left yesterday, and even had several text and email messages, from people who were struggling with things in their life. Each time, I was able, because of God’s work in my life, to help them remember how God has worked in their life in the past. Those memories brought a smile to their face and gave them the motivation they needed to move on to what He has next for them.

So What?

My prayer was yesterday and still is today, that each of us will take time to remember the great things God has done for us. His mercy, grace, and love is more than sufficient for all we need and all we will face this week. Rest in it. Count on it. Thank Him for it. Remember it. Share it.

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Remember That Time…

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