Life’s Struggles

I am constantly amazed by people. About the time I think I have them figured out, they once again surprise me.

I spend a lot of time talking to people about their life. Sometimes it’s good stuff, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes they are happy with their life, most of the time they are not. I find myself dealing with some of the same problems with people over and over. It seems we all have the same stuff that we deal with.

So what’s the difference? Why do some people tend to handle life and all the junk that comes their way more effectively than others? I’m not totally clear on that but I do have a few observations.

People who handle life more effectively than others tend to have more structure in their life. They have a schedule, a routine, that they follow daily. They don’t wait on life to throw things at them and catch them off guard. They face life head on with a plan and a purpose.

These people also have a support system in place. I seldom see people who fail to handle life’s junk effectively surround themselves with the support they need. Whether it’s family, friends, a group, basic knowledge of dealing with life, or any other form of support, people who don’t handle life well seem to always be alone in their struggle.

Here’s another thing. People who tend to handle life’s junk more effectively also tend to have a healthy view of who they are. This is not just a self esteem thing. It is also a clear, or at least semi transparent, view of their purpose in life as I mentioned above. People who fail to deal effectively with life’s struggles tend to buy in to the lie that they are useless, worthless, and a failure. They have failed so often, it seems, that they are now beginning to believe that they will never succeed at anything.

So What?

When life throws some junk in your path this week, I hope you are ready. It will happen. Take time to seek out your purpose in life. Write down some goals and dreams and some possible plans to accomplish them. Seek out and establish quality relationships for support and learn more about who you are and how you deal with things in life. And understand this: You are awesome. No, not just awesome, Stinkin Awesome! You are the only you on the planet. That makes you a unique, one-of-a-kind individual with all kinds of potential. The sooner you realize that, accept it, and begin to act on it, the sooner you will begin to deal with life’s junk more effectively.

One more thing and this is not just a “PS” or “BTW” nor is it “preacher speak”. It’s a fact. People who deal with the stuff life throws at them effectively have a growing relationship with God. I know it sounds like “preacher speak” but it’s true. You know why it’s true? Because God made you and He made this world. Who better to give us direction for life on this planet than the One who made it and us?

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  1. epannell1

    Doug, I think many times and many people sugar coat there lives to make people think they are good when they are battling like crazy. Small groups help when you have like minded people to bounce things off of i.e., temptations, sin, struggles, etc.


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Life’s Struggles

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