Who’s There?

I have the outside door to my office open getting some of this awesome, cool, fresh air in. Unseasonably cool for the first week of September, isn’t it Al Gore?

I hear a small jingling sound and turn around and the dog you see in the pic is standing in my office. She comes right to me, lets me pick her up, and is sitting in my lap as I type this. I have contacted the owner and they are on their way to get her. Her name is Hershey (love me some Hershey’s chocolate).

This little incident got me thinking about something.

What am I allowing into my life because I have left the door of my heart open?

The Bible says that we should “guard” our heart because it “determines the course” of our life (Proverbs 4:23). In other words, be careful what you allow into your life because whatever comes in is what will come out. If we allow good things into our life, good things will flow out of our life. Conversely, if we allow bad things into our life, bad things will flow out of our life.

So What?

Well, this one is obvious: Be careful what you allow into your life. Make sure that the things you watch, listen to, and read are going to produce good, not bad. Make sure that the people you hang around and the conversations you take part in or listen to are filling you with things that will allow you to live out God’s Best in your life. Otherwise, you never know what may wander in.

She’s asleep now. Guess I should probably take a nap too. Would hate to disturb her.


  1. Victoria

    Fabulous post! I much enjoyed it.

  2. Doug

    Thanks Victoria. Keep your door closed : )

  3. Neal Hopps

    Great post, Doug!! It comes at a time which I was talking to a good friend of mine and that was the topic of discussion. That I needed to watch what I allow into my life.

    I will be keeping the door closed from now on. It's not always a cute puppy who wanders đŸ™‚

    Neal Hopps

  4. Thecreativetype

    Love it…as usual! Duh!


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Who’s There?

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