The Joy of MERGE-ing

This new series has been a ton of fun. I have really enjoyed teaching it and have enjoyed the comments I am getting even more!

Families are the essential building blocks of our society. For the past several decades we have seen those blocks corrode, crack, break, and even disintegrate. There are tons of reasons for this and I don’t really even want to begin to try and address them. That’s not the purpose of this post. What I do want to address is the hope that I am seeing as I deal with families.

Has anyone ever told you something or explained something to you in a way that you were able to immediately understand and grasp the concept? When that happened, do you remember the feeling of excitement, joy, and encouragement you received? Like when your math teacher explained that you have to show all your work when you do a problem so that he knows that you understand how to get to the solution? Bad Example…sorry.

More like this. When you are trying to figure out why the economy is so bad and you hear someone explain it in terms you completely understand. Or when you are confused about a diagnosis the doctor has given you and the nurse or a close friend or relative explains it to you and you have one of those “Oooohh, Ok!” moments. Or when you don’t fully get the meaning of a song you heard on the radio so you google it and get the story behind the song and now when you hear that song you enjoy it even more because you understand where the singer is coming from when he/she sings it.

Get the point?

I have been seeing and hearing those kinds of responses to the truth that we have been discovering in God’s word when it comes to families and relationships. Husbands who are finally beginning to understand that their selfishness is a big part of the problem at home. Wives who are finally beginning to understand that their poor communication skills are a major factor in the conflict they have at home. Singles who are beginning to understand that their pride and impatience are causing much of the frustration in their date life. People are starting to “get it.” As a result, hope is being restored, excitement is beginning to build, and healing is taking place. Lives and families are being changed.

That’s good stuff.

So What?
The Bible says in Proverbs 19:8 “To acquire wisdom is to love oneself;people who cherish understanding will prosper.” When you and I gain more understanding in the area of our relationships, we will gain more success in our relationships. The more we learn, the more we experience God’s Best in our marriages, dating life, and family. Do what you have to do in order to gain understanding so that you can experience God’s Best in your life. The only thing you have to lose is some of the junk you are dealing with right now.


  1. Victoria

    I had a huge Ah Ha moment this week. My DH & I have been working on a study together. It has worked well combined with the MERGE stuff. It was like God sticking a huge sign in front of my face saying…"You got it now?" Boy do I!

  2. Doug

    Aren't you glad God is patient with us? Aren't you amazed at how slow we are at times?


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The Joy of MERGE-ing

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