After the Pep Rally

Just finished Dirt09, a conference on creative elements in worship. I’m not a big conference fan because sometimes the information gets lost in the “big event.” Sometimes conferences just feel like big religious pep rallies.

Pep rallies have their place. I am not against them. They are great for what they are. I remember in High School going to pep rallies before big football games and getting all hyped up and excited about the game that Friday night. It was big fun and everyone felt, at that moment, like they could take on any team in the world and win.

But the problem with pep rallies is that they end. They don’t last long and when they are done, the emotions generated by them begin to fade almost immediately. The same can be true about Conferences. You leave after the closing session (pep rally) ready to take on the world only to find that those “feelings” begin to fade rather quickly.

Just like back in my High School football days, I have to take the things that I have learned and put them into action. A good football player can’t ride the emotion of the pep rally very long. He has to rely on his coaching, skill, and heart. The same is true in living for God. We can’t expect our church services, conferences, and other events to carry us far in our walk with God. We have to rely on our training from God’s Word, coaching from His servants, the gifts His Spirit has given us, and a heart that has confidence in His mission for us.

So What?

Stand firm on the things you have gained from God, not on the feelings you get from going to the rally. Once again, nothing wrong with the rallies, they just won’t sustain you in your walk. Discipline yourself to rally with God daily, not just when the big game is coming up or when the big event is coming to town. You’ll be surprised at how much more you will experience God’s Best in your life.


  1. eman

    Good one Doug, thanks.

  2. Doug

    Thanks Eric. Hope you get in the game today! Let me know if I can help you in anyway.


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After the Pep Rally

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