Do You Know Where the Janitor’s Closet Is?

Do You Know Where the Janitor’s Closet Is?

This morning I was told a very cool story about a lady in our church. She was talking to some people in her Neighborhood Group about being involved in the church. She was going on and on about how much she loved serving and how cool it was to be a real “part” of the Family here at Midtowne. She went on to say how much she loved the church and the people and what we are all about here. She talked about how much she loves serving and being involved and then she said, “I like knowing where the Janitor’s closet is.”

I know that sounds like a very strange thing to say but that statement is very powerful. That statement is full of truth and conviction. That statement says more about her heart than anything else.

Knowing where the Janitor’s closet is means that you have taken ownership in your church. It means that you have completely bought in to the mission, strategy, and philosophy of your church. You are so connected in your church that you take pride in it. Not an arrogant, sinful pride that thinks we are better than everyone else. But a pride that says you want to give your best in order to help others get in on God’s Best.

When you know where the Janitor’s closet is, you are ready and willing to serve and do whatever it takes to help others get in on what God is doing. You are willing to do the dirty work if necessary. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty and do whatever is needed to make the building ready for our guests. You are willing to go above and beyond what is expected and help make sure that everything is done in order to help others feel welcome, connected, and important. All of those things are vital as we try to help others experience God’s Best in their life.

So What?

The Janitor’s closet is not a great place to be in but it is a great place to begin. Look for ways to serve in your church and don’t be afraid to do the jobs no one else wants to do. Being on the inside does not mean having all the answers. It means doing your part. Getting involved and taking ownership and having pride in something will help you connect, grow, and be fulfilled.


  1. Clarkgirl

    1 Peter 4:10 "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."
    Midtowne is an awesome church and we are continually seeing God's work being done…who wouldn't want to serve in a place such as that!

  2. Anonymous

    I was in the room when she was talking about the janitors closet. I could see the emotions on her face and the tears in her eyes as she explaining where the janitors closet is…..Galatians 5:13 "For you have been called to live in freedom,my brothers and sisters. But don't use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead,use your freedom to serve one another in love." All because someone found the janitors closet

  3. Cdub

    I wish everyone could have heard that story as it was told like I did….Galatians 5:13 says…"For you have been called to freedom, my brothers and sisters. But dont use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love." That is what she was doing..


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Do You Know Where the Janitor’s Closet Is?

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