Family Ties

Remember that show? Michael J. Fox was brilliant. The oldest sister was good looking. The dad was kinda weird. The mom was mostly the voice of reason. And the theme song…well if Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams were singing it, you know it was amazing. (What would we do baby, without us?)

Here comes an obvious statement: TV life and real life have never been, and never will be, remotely close to similar. Obvious, I know, but it needs to be said. Our family life will never be like any of the families we see on TV, especially not like the older TV show families (though some would argue they more closely resemble some of the more Modern Family types.).

Even though the above obvious statement is true, we all still tend to learn from and even emulate what we see on TV. The result is nothing short of catastrophic because none of us can handle every crisis that comes at our family in just 30 minutes including commercials.

So you and I have to learn from a different source, a better source, a tried and tested source, if we are going to experience God’s Best in our Family.

This week we start a new series called Family Ties. I am really excited about it and believe that God is going to use it to help many families get in on His Best. I am praying that God works in such a huge way over the next few weeks that our families, church, and community will never be the same because we take the Truth of His Word and apply it to our lives. I am believing that God is going to dramatically show up and make some drastic changes in our lives. I am counting on it.

So What?

I want to ask you to pray with me. I want to challenge you to pray for your family. I want to challenge you to ask God to show up in your life first and then in the life of your family. Will you open your heart to what God wants you to do to help your family get in on His Best? Give it a shot and let me know ow it goes.


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Family Ties

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