Backpack Ministry

The Backpack Ministry at Midtowne Church provides meals to school age children on weekends and holidays that would otherwise go without.
The “kid-friendly” ready-to-eat food is delivered to participating schools at no cost to the child’s family or the school. Through program coordinators, the food is distributed to students who display educational, physical, or emotional problems at school due to hunger at home.

The Backpack Ministry feeds OVER 300 children each week among 10 local schools. Most of the children receive 4 main meals, 2 breakfast items
and 4 snacks each Friday for the weekend. This equates to 1,300 main meals, 650 breakfast items, and 1,300 snack items per week.

For information on how you can SERVE contact Tanya here.
  • Chef Boyardee pastas and rice n vegetables

  • Beenie Weanies

  • Soups

  • Chili

  • Pop top mac n’ cheese

  • Tuna and chicken kits

  • Potted meat

  • Kroger cups (chicken dumplings, stew, chili, rice n’ vegetables, mac n’ cheese)

  • Snacks (Chips, crackers, cookies, fruit and pudding cups, applesauce, etc)

  • Breakfast items (oatmeal, pop tarts, mini cereal boxes, breakfast cookies, cereal bars, etc)

  • individual vegetable cups (4 pack)

Please ensure everything is non-perishable, pop top (if possible), and individual servings. To download a fridge friendly version. Click here.

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