Mayflower clean up

Mayflower Lakeview Assembly of God church and the surrounding neighborhood.
The church and neighborhood would be glad to have more students come help them this week as they work on clean up and debris removal in the neighborhood. Cleanup crews will meet each morning at the church and then will be assigned a work area in the neighborhood. They can also use help distributing care bags of donated items in the surrounding area.

Darrell Frost, pastor at Mayflower Lakeview Assembly of God church just outside of Mayflower, is the contact person upon arriving in Mayflower. The church is located at 109 Highway 89 South (use this address for GPS, do not abbreviate) and Pastor Frost’s contact number is 501-454-8401; additional contact numbers are 501.352.4608, 501.339.8449

At this time, the primary work is removing trees off of homes, streets and from yards to allow better access. Chainsaws will be needed if you have access to one and the appropriate training.

It’s very important that volunteers wear appropriate protective clothing, jeans, long-sleeves and sturdy shoes (work boots are highly recommend). Be prepared: take enough food/water to last you for the day; take a hat, gloves, raingear, sunglasses and sunscreen.


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April 30, 2014


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